Max Eschenbach, born in 1990 in Frankfurt/Main currently studies product design at the school of art and design Kassel (Kunsthochschule Kassel). The spectrum of his design-related work reaches from contemporary furniture and accessories to generative approaches using self-programmed planning tools and digital fabrication processes.

Furthermore he is producing music using the moniker Efes Twin and has played live sets aswell as vinyl selections at different venues in Kassel.


2015-2017 - Assistance at Digitale 3D-Technik Kunsthochschule Kassel
2015-2015 - Internship at designtoproduction, Zürich
2013-2015 - Assistance at Digitale 3D-Technik Kunsthochschule Kassel


2018 - KASSELCOLLECTION #03, Ambiente Frankfurt
2017 - KASSELCOLLECTION #03, Grassimuseum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig
2017 - Design Des Monats, KMMN Kassel
2017 - Unterm Untergrund, Café NEU Kassel
2016 - Yellow Pages, Rundgang Kunsthochschule Kassel
2016 - Kunst19, K19 Kassel
2015 - lab.30, Augsburg
2015 - it's a matter of mix, Kassel
2014 - Caulfield Sound Shell Prototype, Rundgang Kunsthochschule Kassel
2014 - Bernsteinzimmer Werkschau, Kassel
2013 - Concrete Curtain, Rundgang Kunsthochschule Kassel


2016 - Every Opportunity Missed, used in the video for DISPL4Y-Alphabet by Olaf Val
2016 - Manches Bleibt Wie Es Bleibt, used in the video for NO SOUL FOR SALE App by Catrine and Olaf Val


2015 - Corian Design Award, Product Winner for Caulfield Sound Shell
2014 - Concrete Design Competition, Book Award for Concrete Curtain



03/2016 - The Social Shot in Frame Magazine #109


2015 - The Social Shot on Designboom
2015 - The Social Shot on The Creators Project